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©Tower Photography 

©Tower Photography 

Hi guys! Courtney Johnson here- excited to share that this girl is officially joining the Neal Johnson Creative team! 

This August we not only celebrate our first whole year of marriage, but also a year of Neal Johnson Creative. It has been a big 'ol gift watching Neal say yes to the talents & passions he's been given and run with it. The Lord has opened many a doors for Neal to use his camera to share the stories of many couples, companies, churches, and even children in the beautiful countries of Jamaica & Malawi. 

The Lord hasn't just been opening doors for Neal, but for me as well. I never ever would have thought my involvement in Neal's work would pass the assistant side of things. I was content and happy with cheering him on and handing over a lens when needed. However, things didn't stay that way for long. If you know Neal, you know he is real patient. And with that patience he taught this girl the ins and outs of a camera. Teaching me included lots of walks around our neighborhood with a camera in toe, lots of questions be asked multiple times, and lots of Neal quizzing Court. Throughout those months of learning I found myself not only understanding how a camera works, but wanting to use it alongside Neal to capture important moments and tell some stories.

After this summer I have found that I love getting to help Neal tell those stories. I love getting to serve those we are working for. And most of all, I love getting to remind people that their story is worth being captured. 

We are real excited and thankful for all the Lord has allowed us to do this past year. Here's to lots more questions being asked, lots more adventures, and lots more beautiful stories being told. Hooray for year two of Neal & Court Johnson and year one for Johnsons Creative!

-Courtney Johnson