Cody + Sara


We are big fans of Sara and Cody and we think you would be too! We had the great joy of moseying around one of our favorite spots in Iowa with them in front of our camera. We got to snap away as they danced and laughed, climbed and encouraged, & sat and reminisced. These two are four months away from being Mr. & Mrs. Caraway and it has reminded me what a gift it is to come alongside a couple amidst such a beautiful season.

We hope that these images will remind them of this season of life and all it's goodness. We hope that their current state of hopefulness & excitement that is represented in these photos will be a mirror image of who they are when they look back at them one day: full of hope for the days ahead & still excited to call the other one their own.

Here is a peek of their engagements & a whole lot of JOY for your day. 

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