Washington D.C.


Last November we had a two day layover in D.C. and ever since we have been itching to get back. We took advantage of a few free days over spring break to visit some family & get back to one of our favorite places. We wouldn't consider ourselves "big city people,", but man has D.C. stolen our hearts in many a ways. 

I went into our three-day trip with bigs hopes to see all the things, but soon realized that it will take years for me to fully see all the sights, learn all the history, try all the local eateries, and admire all the beauty of our nation's capitol. It's not a place you can rush through and I think thats the thing that has allowed D.C. to win a top spot on my list of places I love. It makes you slow down, reflect, question, give thanks for your past, & hope for what's to come. 

Our three days spent in D.C. were just enough to remind me of those things. Take a peak at our quick trip through the lens of our good 'ol trusty film camera. We hope these photos encourage you to plan a trip to D.C., grab a history book, or seek out the history in your own backyard. 

Washington DC Subway

Our days were filled with lots of riding, walking, reading, and learning. I love the fact that there is a place to reflect & learn around every corner. This trip's highlights included a tour of the Supreme Court building & the Martin Luther King Jr. Monument. My gratefulness grew right along with my understanding. 

Vietnam Memorial
MLK Memorial
Library of Congress
Library of Congress
US Capitol Building
Travel Ban Protest

We were lucky enough to arrive to lots of blooms. D.C. is famous for their cherry blossoms & I now understand why! As if those beauties weren't enough, we stumbled upon the U.S. Botanical Gardens as well. This place is full of beauty- from a cacao tree to more succulents than you could dream of.  It was a quick trip through some of what I would consider the wonders of the world. What beauty we are surrounded by. 

United States Botanical Garden
US Botanical Garden
Washington DC Blossems
Washington Monument
DC Row houses

Exploring the different neighborhoods in D.C. made me love the city that much more. Colored buildings, a coffee shop with a story, & the local eateries are all it took. 

Here are a few places we were big fans of:

Ebenezer's Coffeehouse, a coffeehouse owned & operated by National Community Church. They brew fair-trade coffee & their profits go towards community outreach projects.

We, The Pizza, a pizza place that focuses on community while serving up one mean slice of pizza.

Good Stuff Eatery, a classic American restaurant with high quality burgers & fries. Oh, and don't forget the handspun milk shakes.

Ebenezers Coffee House
Good Stuff Eatery

What a place. Hope to see you again soon, D.C.!