“Camp Chisomo is located in southern Malawi, a region that is rich in natural resources and cultural beauty. Camp Chisomo is established in the heart of the villages we have spent years working with in order to continue building relationships and implementing sustainable resources and practices.

Camp Chisomo provides an opportunity for stateside high school and college students to spend a summer as counselors, learning about the culture while running programming sessions for the children at camp. Campers are local children that have been nominated by village officials to attend, while stateside sponsorships allows campers to attend camp without the burden of financial responsibility.

Our camp facilities are intended to bring structure and safety to our campers, while providing them with the new and exciting experiences. Our staff are currently constructing our Staff Housing building, allowing our staff and counselors to reside on our land as we run camp programming and continue the construction of future buildings. Our future goals include cabins used as housing for counselors and campers, which will likely be the first time these children will sleep in a bed or under a mosquito net to protect them during the night. We desire to have a chapel that will be used each morning and night with campers, and a mess hall that will be used for meals and activities.”

We spent a few weeks this last November with the Camp Chisomo Team. We were able to capture the beginning stages of building on the Camp’s land while seeing some old friends. We love every thing camp stands for and we hope that you’d follow along with their journey!

Here is a link to video footage of our time with Camp Chisomo: