Ben + Allison

This day and these two. Oh man was it a good one. So full of joy, giddiness, gratefulness, & oh so much fun. One of my favorite parts of their story is that when they first met, Ben introduced himself by saying, "My name is Ben & we are going to be friends." And boy was he right. Hearing their story & watching their day unfold was a big gift. We are so thankful we were able to be apart of it. 

My favorite kind of weddings to shoot are the ones where we leave feeling like we want to be best friends with the bride & groom. That's definitely how we felt about Ben + Allison. I'm telling you, this job gives us the greatest way to meet some of the best people.

Hooray for Mr. & Mrs. Zelle. We will be cheering these two on and praying their marriage is more they could ask or pray.


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