Jake + Kayla

These two are near and dear to me for many a reasons, but one is that they were my very first solo shoot without Neal. On thee hottest of July days I got to follow these two around as they danced, laughed, and explored the home that they will soon share. Meanwhile, this friend is holding back all the happy-thankful-"wow, our God is so good" kind of tears behind the camera. 

Getting to photograph one of your best friends + her to-be husband as giddy as can be is about as good as it gets. It has been a gift to walk alongside this friend throughout many different seasons the past ten years, but man has this been a sweet one. These were days that we prayed & hoped for. And I am continually awe of the way He has answered those prayers. For it has been far greater than anything we could have asked for.

This weekend these two will say yes to forever with the help of Jesus & I am honored that I get to watch. I can't wait to see how He uses them for His kingdom. However, I have a feeling that Jake + Kayla are going to be bringing the world a whole lot of hope, laughter, encouragement, nerf gun battles, salsa reviews, and joy upon joy.