The Rasmussen Family

I was able to spend my senior year of high school getting to know Whitney & Grant as my youth group leaders. These two were one of my first examples of adults, outside my family & education, who showed interest in my life and faith.  These two gave up their Wednesday nights & summer weeks to share their lives & ears with us. Whitney even let me help in her classroom as I was beginning to pursue teaching. They are real great. My favorite part is that their impact has led me to see & embrace the opportunity to be apart of the lives of high schoolers.

I'm thankful for the time I was able to spend with them during my summers home from college. It has been a gift to watch their family grow from two to three to four (five with their furry family member, Gordon!) So I was real excited to have the opportunity to capture their sweet family of four.

My time & these photos left me with a whole lot of joy and I hope they do the same for them for many years to come.