Austria - Travel Photography Recap


I've been wanting to make more photography-centric blog posts for a while now, specifically when it comes to travel and landscape. The motive is relatively simple: there's some resources for location scouting before a photo trip (Location Scout is an example), and there's waaaaay too many blog posts vying for every tourists ad revenue for just about every place imaginable (which is the majority of sites that come up with a simple search such as "travel photography Salzburg Austria"), but there's not a whole lot of sites that get straight to the point.

So I'm going to try to create blog posts of what I would want to see when researching a place. These are my tentative requirements:

  • Nothing too wordy. Not necessarily because humans have lost the ability to read for more than 5 seconds, but more because I'm concerned with the story of the images and how they were shot rather than writing a novel about it.
  • A bit technical. I'm going to try to put the camera settings below each image that was thought out and planned. Some images are simply going to make the blog because it pertains to the location or I like it a lot, but that may change in the future.
  • Location heavy. When I search a potential location, it's great to come across someone who describes the location in some detail. Is it a 5 minute walk from the car lot or an hour hike in the woods, etc.




The Dean and I went to Austria on a whim in March. Because there was essentially zero planning, we tried to fit in some classic locations but did a lot of wandering around as well. We were there for about 4 days, spending 3 in Salzburg and 1 in Hallstadt.

Thanks for reading/looking with your eyeballs! If you enjoyed this format and/or think it would be  helpful for other people wanting to get images in Salzburg and Hallstadt, sharing it on the interwebs and social media is always encouraged.