Moab - Travel Photography Recap


Courtney Susan and I went to Moab with some pals for spring break this year.

I hadn't been to any desert regions of the US since before I was taking photos, so it was cool to get to experience it with a camera this time.

There's 2 National Parks in the Moab area:

  1. Arches - Well known and well attended, if you wait too long into the day the entrance line really got big. It was about 30 minutes of driving one way to get to the farthest trailheads or landmark spots. 
  2. Canyonlands - Split up into 3 sections with 3 separate entrances, this one sees less than half the traffic of Arches per year but is amazing in a completely different way (and we only were there for a day and just saw the uppermost section called Island in the Sky, the other sections apparently are different kind of landscapes all-together)

Cool. Let's look at some photos.


Thanks for reading/looking with your eyeballs! If you enjoyed this format and think it would be helpful for other people wanting to get images in Moab, sharing it on the interwebs and social media is always encouraged.